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Continue working in your favorite environment. Upload your MS Word document and sit back while Trinka auto-edits your paper in minutes. Download your file with track changes.

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Key Features of Trinka Auto-Edit

Avoid the hassle of installing plug-ins. Correct your MS Word file using the Auto File Edit feature. Trinka automatically edits your document in track changes, which you can download and finalize.

Download File With Track Changes

Download and finalize a track changes file showing the various changes you selected in the Trinka editor.

Language Score

Get an indicative score of the overall language quality of the document based on the number of revisions by category.

Table of Revisions

View a detailed table of revisions by language category for a quick understanding of the type of edits made.

Style Guide Preferences

Tailor the grammar & word choice of your manuscript to comply with popular academic style guides (AMA 11th, AGU 2017).

Subject Area & Document Type

Customize Trinka to provide you the most relevant suggestions based on your subject area and type of manuscript.